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Management and Administration


Molecular and Clinical Immunology research group

  • Kaan Boztug (Director & Key Researcher)
  • Rico Ardy (PhD Student)
  • Jana Block (PhD Student)
  • Jasmin Dmytrus (Technical Assistant)
  • Cecilia Dominguez Conde (PhD Student)
  • Loic Dupre (Visiting Key Researcher)
  • Wojciech Garncarz (Technical Assistant)
  • Tatjana Hirschmugl (Technical Assistant)
  • Birgit Höger (Postdoc)
  • Jakob Huemer (PhD Student)
  • Raul Jimenez Heredia (Technical Assistant)
  • Artem Kalinichenko (Postdoc)
  • Ana Krolo (Technical Assistant)
  • David Medgyesi (Senior Research Associate/Deputy Lab Head)
  • Marini Ng (PhD Student)
  • Julia Pazmandi (PhD Student)
  • Iro Pierides (Technical Assistant)
  • Christina Rashkova (Technical Assistant)
  • Elisabeth Salzer (Postdoc)
  • Tala Shahin (PhD Student)
  • Özlem Yüce Petronczki (Technical Assistant)

Molecular Neurobiology research group

  • Vanja Nagy (Key Researcher)
  • Christopher Fell (PhD Student)
  • Tomislav Kokotovic (PhD Student)
  • Ewelina Lenartowicz (Technical Assistant)

Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing research group

  • Christoph Bock (Key Researcher)
  • Fangwen Zhao (PhD Student)

Bioethics research group

  • Christiane Druml (Deputy Director & Key Researcher)
  • Paul Just (Researcher)