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WWTF Precision Medicine Grant for LBI-RUD Researchers

LBI-RUD director Kaan Boztug, together with Loïc Dupré (LBI-RUD) and Jörg Menche (CeMM) won one out of five prestigious research grants by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) in their 2016 Life Science Precision Medicine Call, granted for their innovative research project that has the potential to significantly contribute to major advancements in the field of personalized medicine and treatment options. The funding amounts to a total of nearly 1 Mio. EUR for three years.

Precision Medicine is considered to medicine of the 21st century. Using treatment options that selectively target only the respective dysregulated and disease-causing molecular processes, bears an enormous potential in many ways. It may significantely reduce the burden of potential adverse effects and/or toxic effects of drugs for patients, may lower the overall treatment costs relieving pressure from our health care systems, and may ...
For the development of individualized therapies, however, it is indespensible to have detailed understanding of the involved processes leading to disease. Clearly though, for many rare diseases our current knowledge is far from sufficient for this vision to become reality. Consequently, it is often impossible to provide causative treatment to patients with not seldomly resulting in life-threatening complications for affected individuals. 
In line with the overall LBI-RUD mission, the team of LBI-RUD director Kaan Boztug, Loïc Dupré (LBI-RUD) and Jörg Menche (CeMM) aims to study rare monogenic immune defects to detail as modell diseases in the course of the WWTF-funded 3-year project „Systemy precision medicine of inborn errors of the immune system - PrecisePID“. Combinig cutting-edge biomedical technologies the research team will define novel disease entitities, decipher their molecular causes, and identify targets for tailored molecular interventions that can be further developed into effective precision medicines. 

More information is available at: 
and on the project website during the course of the project.


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