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The mission of LBI-RUD is to achieve maximum innovation in rare diseases research to improve diagnosis, treatment and healthcare for affected individuals.

At LBI-RUD, a team of international and multidisciplinary scientists and medical doctors creates a unique, inspirational research environment to pursue basic and translational research questions.

LBI-RUD research infrastructures and networks are unprecedented and will provide a solid basis for successful research projects within and beyond the field of rare and undiagnosed diseases.

LBI-RUD is highly connected in global networks to promote cooperation and synergy between different disciplines, and to engage rare disease patients, their families, and patient advocacy groups to contribute to broader public awareness and to bridge the gap between science and society.

LBI-RUD generates sustainable research structures for efficient rare disease research in Austria, thereby turning the country into an international hotspot for rare diseases research.

The goal of LBI-RUD is to perform top-level science that seminally contributes to diagnostics and therapeutics as part of the participatory, precise, and personalized medicine of the future.